BuyBack Policy

How to Sell?

To make an offer to sell back your bullion back to us, please contact us to discuss arrangements. Proceeds from your bullion sale will be mailed by cheque within 3 business days (est.)* of your bullion's shipment arrival and verification.

3 Easy Steps to Sell Your Silver

Step 1 - Check out our buy back price directly with each individual product page via our buy back calculator.

Step 2 - You can choose to bring or ship your bullions to our office.

Step 3 - Upon confirmation by our staff, you will then receive your payment in the form of cheque within 3 business days*.

Buy Back Hours

Monday to Friday (except Public Holidays), 11am to 4pm.

Conditions of the Buy Back

  • Bullion offered must be a product offered on our web store.
  • The silver must be in new or mint condition. If you need any advice on storage of your bullion, please do not hesitate to contact us.
  • The silver must be sold in increment or multiples as indicated in our web store.
  • If you are selling back silver coins in tubes, all coins within each tube must be of the same year. No mixed dates.
  • We do not offer buy back for collectibles.

* Time frame of 3 business days is on a best effort basis.
**By choosing to take advantage of our buy back facility, you acknowledge and accept that does not provide any guarantees of buy back. However, offers are always welcome.