Frequently Asked Questions

Why Silver? This is the question we stumble upon most on "Why invest in Silver?", "What to buy?" "Which is the right way to buy silver?", "Coin or bars?" and "What about the storage of the silver bars/ coins?". As an organisation which emphasizes education, we conduct education programs through the Wealth Insider Group and Financial Youth Intelligence platforms to help you make informed decisions about gold & silver investments so do keep a look out for those programs. Alternatively, if you're a privilege member, you can arrange for a private education session with us, subject to availability.  

What is “Bullion”? Gold and silver bullion comes in coins, bars and the value of bullion is derived from the metal content, not rarity or collectible value.  

What is “Spot Price”? The spot prices for gold and silver are set by millions of traders buying and selling futures contracts, which are contracts to deliver gold or silver at some future date.  

How many ounces are there in one kilo? Silver is measured in Troy ounces. One troy ounce is equal to 31.104 grams. So, 1kg of gold = 32.15 troy ounces  

What is the purity of silver bullion bars and coins? Some silver coins and bars are either “3 nines fine” or “4 nines fine”, meaning they are 99.9% or 99.99% pure silver.  

How can I indicate that Coins and Bars are indeed made of high-grade silver?

  • Visual inspection and Weight per Volume method Pure silver has a unique weight per unit volume (also called specific gravity/mass) of 10.49 times the weight (for the same volume) of water. What this means is that a certain sized silver bar or coin must have a corresponding (within a percentage point or two) weight if it’s made of pure silver.So if you know the coin/bar volume, you can determine the weight for it to be silver by practice just take an existing silver coin and compare it with new coins. If the size and weight match, this is a good indication that the coins are genuine. If you don’t have a comparable item, you can compare the coin / bar specifications (size and weight) with the item in question.
  • Weighing the silver coins Weigh the coins as most fake silver coins are made from metal alloys that weigh less than genuine silver. If less weigh, then it is not pure. If weigh same, then it will be pure.
  • Silver Testing Kit There are some convenient silver purity tests using acid that react with silver. Such tests are also likely to leave permanent “test marks” and effectively only test the surface of the coin.
  • Professional Testing In Malaysia, the FEDMAS Assay Office Sdn. Bhd. ( is a premier centre for assaying silver. You can send silver coins or bars for detailed testing of its purity content and they can issue a certificate or they can imprint a “test mark” onto the coins.

How much should I invest into precious metal? It is entirely up to you, but at current economy is extremely important to be invested in the safety of precious metals. We usually encourage investors to put at least 10% of their portfolio into gold and silver.  

Is it a good time to invest in silver? Rather than predicting the price, we believe in preparation. We suggest investors to invest in accumulation basis.  

How can I lock-in the price of my order? After placing your order, you are required to make payment within 6 hours. After full payment is made, your order is then confirmed and price is locked-in.  

Is it a must to create an account before buying from Yes, you need to create an account before buying from us. The information is strictly for our administrative purpose only and will be kept confidential.  

Does ever backorder items? Yes. There have been times when there is a physical shortage of metal. When this happens a backorder situation can develop. The price is locked upon placing your order & making full payment.  

What if the products I order are backordered? If you have ordered a product that is backordered, delivery times will be adjusted accordingly. You will see the backorder status while placing your order and you will receive an email confirmation, reiterating the backorder status, once the order is submitted. Please note at your order and purchase price is guaranteed.  

What is the buy back price of International spot price for mint condition bullion. Bullions which are not in mint condition will be bought back with a discounted price, subjected to decision.  

Would arrange private storage for customers? Yes, we're in the midst of arranging for private storage with a high quality safe house partner and will be announcing this service in the weeks to come.