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Seasons Greetings and a Happy New Year to you and your family! We hope that the new year has brought forth excitement, positive energy and a whole lot of luck for you and your family.

2016 has no doubt been a challenge for many, with issues like Brexit, European banks teasing the precipice of crisis and the shock election of Trump as the 45th POTUS, our ringgit has now taken a plunge (naturally compounded with issues closer to home) and the price of gold and silver has been depressed close to its end 2015 lows. Is it a time for panic? A few investors are naturally reacting by panic selling in the face of falling prices.

If you're a student of our many education programs (from Wealth Insider events to SilverMalaysia/Owners Circle education programs), you will know that unlike stocks which has the possibility of devaluing down to zero, precious metals are physical assets that always retain its inherent value and will continue to rise favourably in the long run. If you compare historical bottom prices, you will see a continuous uptrend so buying when prices are at a 5 to 10 year low is key in maximising your investment.

A general rule of thumb is to never invest more than 20% of your portfolio into precious metals and if prices are low, average down and hold as prices will invariably rise in times of crisis. Why not more than 20%? On top of having a healthy diversified portfolio, one must understand that precious metals is there to protect your wealth and to fight against inflation. In short, it preserves the value of your money and with a depreciating ringgit, there's no easier way to shift to an asset class which is priced to a major foreign currency. So avoid the herd mentality of panic selling and seek us out if you have any questions or concerns.

As we usher in the new year, we're extremely bullish of the prospects of 2017. We've decided to focus back into education (probably the only local precious metal reseller to do so) and we're excited to reintroduce our K.I.S.S. program which is based upon Jonathan Quek's similarly titled best selling book. I'm currently editing the latest edition of the book with new content by Jonathan, which will also be incorporated into the program. We also have some new plans in the pipeline which we unfortunately cannot share until it comes into frution so do look forward to what we have in store in the coming months.

With that, I look forward to meeting you in person in 2017 and I leave you with a message from our founder, Jonathan Quek. Happy New Year and may you and your family be blessed with wealth, luck and happiness.

George Wong,
Chief Executive Officer of SilverMalaysia.com

Dear friends of SilverMalaysia.com,
Happy New Year to you all! I hope you celebrated the start of 2017 in good spirits with family and friends. Now that we are in the New Year, it’s good to look ahead and think about what this year may bring us.

But first, a quick look back. 2016 was quite a year for all of us. We have been through many developments, in sometimes less than favorable circumstances. Within the organization, we have got a new CEO, George Wong who launched a new strategy and carefully executed on it throughout the year.  We have released a new edition of SilverMalaysia.com e-commerce website as we aim to continue our mission to educate the public on the corrupted fiat currency system and to bring honest money; physical gold and silver to main-street Malaysia. Of course, there are some major challenges as well.

In 2013, when gold and silver prices were heading for a slump, I’ve brought in a crude oil portfolio to divest part of our business and reduce our total risk profile. This step not only impacted our clients’ portfolio who were directly affected, but also on my team members in SilverMalaysia.com. I regret that this was an unfavorable decision.

My sincere apologies to every clients and to everyone in my team who was affected. While my leadership team and I have initiated steps to protect our clients’ portfolio, we were also confronted with headwinds including legal proceedings in the court and tussle with the receiver. Nevertheless, we will continue to stand strong to fight for the best interest of our friends and family in SilverMalaysia.com. 

In short, Year 2016 has been quite a challenge to work in. But no matter what the circumstances may be, we must not lose sight of our priority: to be strong and sustainable to put our customers’ interest at heart in everything we do. As the new CEO takes charge in SilverMalaysia.com, I’ll be on a mission to lead a new venture called Owners Circle. We will be focusing primarily on financial education and fractional ownership. While leading the team at Owners Circle, I’ll still be actively involved in SilverMalaysia.com to help my new leadership team to evaluate not only what is best for SilverMalaysia.com, but also the potential impact on other parts and on both businesses as a whole. The past few years have had a significant impact on all of us, but I would like to thank you all for your significant support and dedication during these challenging times.

The year ahead will bring its own challenges but I’m sure by working together, keeping focused on our priorities, and putting our customers’ interest first, we can realize our ambitions. These will certainly continue to be my priorities and I look forward to see you in one of our education events pretty soon! 

Jonathan Quek Founder of SilverMalaysia.com

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