10 oz Scottsdale Reserve Silver Bar Capsule


10 oz Scottsdale Reserve Silver Bar Capsule


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The brand new capsules for 10oz Scottsdale Reserve Silver Bar allow you to keep your bars which have been remove from factory lamination to prevent tarnishing, bring scracted or dented.

Perfect fit for 10oz Scottsdale Reserve Silver Bar.

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About Scottsdale Mint

About Scottsdale Mint

Scottsdale Mint LLLP is a US based company that manufactures some of the most exceptional bullion products available to consumers today.  The company mints and delivers precious metal around the world through an extensive network of authorized distributors and dealers.

The core competencies of metals management, precision manufacturing, contemporary design and brand image drive our success. Scottsdale Mint provide exceptional value to customers through a rooted culture of passion, innovation, quality, integrity and sustainability.  Knowledge of a wide-range of minting processes allows for continued development and innovation in products, including advancements in security technology.

In addition to investment grade private assets, Scottsdale Mint's Licensing and Numismatic division produces some of the world's most desired collectibles such as The Biblical Coin Series   Scottsdale Mint offers a turn-key solution for 3rd parties seeking contract manufacturing with everything produced in-house from creative, financing, manufacturing and distribution.  Scottsdale Mint also works with many foreign reserve banks to manufacture legal tender gold & silver coins for their country.

Investors in precious metals demand the finest and the Scottsdale hallmark provides the name and backing for peace of mind with a 100% guarantee of authenticity, purity, and weight when it comes directly from us.

Scottsdale Mint....the Most Distinguished Name in Bullion

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