KISS – 5 Elements of Successful Investors (Xeo Lye & Jonathan Quek)


The 5 Elements of Successful Investor is one unconventional material among the very few materials available that combines the study of psychological astrology, human psychology, Neuro Linguistic Program (NLP), finance and investment studies.

The book will not only examine the psychology of the investor; it also strives to help you understand your opponents in the financial market. Also covered, is the psychology of some of the important players in the financial world such as governments, financial institutions, financial advisers and successful investors and entrepreneurs as case studies.

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About The Author

Xeo Lye, A veteran in the Singapore wealth management consultancy industry, Xeo Lye is better known for his speaking stint in Singapore’s national financial literacy program Moneysense and a series of financial talk show with Singapore’s Mediacorp Radio. He is also the co-founder of, responsible for both regionally acclaimed Capital Gains and Rollin Gold financial games.

Jonathan Quek is no stranger to the financial education arena in Malaysia and Singapore, having featured in numerous financial summits and expos. He is the founder, Owner’s Circle, Financial Youth Intelligence and Wealth Insider Group. He is the author of best-selling book “Why Gold? Why Silver? Why Now? “which is available in three languages and co-authored the first edition of “Keep Investment Simple & Stupid“.

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