KISS – How to Invest like an Idiot & Trade like a Pro (Jonathan Quek & Benny Lee)



This is not your traditional parents’ money & investing guide!

Financial Youth Intelligence has made Financial Education Fun and Easy for thousands of youths in Malaysia. Now, it custom designs its wit and wisdom for today’s young aspiring investors and young aspiring traders.

“How to Invest Like an Idiot & Trade Like a Pro?” Seminar had helped youth to stand out, learn to build a portfolio of financial assets they can actually care about, and take advantage of the investor’s best friend “time” to watch their financial portfolio multiply for the past one year.

We are proud to present KISS (Keep Investment Simple and Stupid), the investment book that is written by Jonathan Quek and Benny Lee based on the whole program.

In times of uncertainty, traditional advice about money & investments may no longer hold. In this exclusive book, you will gain a fresh look at all aspects of money & investing.

Most importantly, you will learn:

  • Investing isn’t a pro’s world anymore. Why some of the fund managers couldn’t even beat the chimpanzees? Yes! I’m talking about monkeys!
  • What are the silly mistakes that most people make when it comes to spending, savings & investing?
  • Why traditional advice like ‘High Risk High Return’, ‘Invest for the Long Term’ & ‘Dollar Cost Averaging’ is nothing but a MYTH?
  • How to get started investing in stocks, gold, silver, and real estate with just a few hundred ringgits?
  • Discover the mindset and psychology of real traders and market wizards.

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