Why Gold? Why Silver? Why Now? – Latest Edition (Autographed Personally by Jonathan Quek)


‘Why Gold? Why Silver? Why Now?’ takes you to a world previously hidden from the public and popular media. As you traverse the dark alleys of our financial past, present and future, you might develop disdain for the corrupted, embarrassment for your ignorance and find new courage to relive your life, the richness of life that you were told resides only in fairy tales !

Testimonials for “Why Gold? Why Silver? Why Now?”

“Jonathan challenges us with this less conventional form of investment which has become very relevant in today’s volatile and uncertain market. Some of his arguments can be controversial but nonetheless enlightening and thought provoking.” –  Howard Khoo, Group Managing Director (1989 – 2011) of Hing Yiap Group Berhad (Listed on Bursa Malaysia Stock Exchange)

Jonathan’s vicarious efforts in educating the public are certainly commendable. The transformation of complex ideas into simple layman terms as to help anyone from any walk of life understand the ideologies that drive Gold and Silver, marks the true works of an educationist.” – Ashveen Chakravarthy Sekaran, Director of Syabs Group of Companies

“Why Gold? Why Silver? Why Now? unfolds as an exceptional guide for those interested in precious metals and the opportunity it presents. Jonathan masterfully explains why it is important for us to invest in gold and silver now and has clearly shown us the way forward in his insightful and compelling first book, Why Gold? Why Silver? Why Now?, a must ready for those interested in these precious metals.” – Gerald Fernandez, Senior Manager (Business Development) of CPA Australia

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