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Do You Want a Peace of Mind after Purchasing Your Silver Bullion?

One of the most consistent ways to spot pure silver is to measure it’s density – its weight divided by its volume. The obvious point is that the purer your silver is, the closer it will be to the common density of silver.

How Does Densimeter Work?

Densimeter uses the water displacement method and buoyancy method, through which we know the basic concept that “density” equals to “weight” divided by “volume”.

If you are going to find out the density of your silver, however, you’re going to want to understand a few things first.

First, measuring density will actually require two measurement, which are then put into an equation together. The first measurement will be to take the weight of your silver.

Second, measure the volume of your silver by checking how much water it displaces. Fill up a container of water (that measures volume) to a precise point. Take note of the value water, and then add the silver. How much did the volume increase by? That’s the volume of your silver.

With these two (metric) number in hand, you can check to see how close your silver’s density is to pure silver. Silver has a density of 10.49 Although you don’t have to be at this exact point to know you have a lot of pure silver on your hands, you will want to be close.

Why Use the Densimeter?

1) Quickly, easily & accurately determine purity of precious metals and gold karat.

2) Distinguish the difference between real precious metal and the fake metal.

3) No stains or scratches left on your gold or silver after testing.

Do take note that:

1) Our densimeter only allows working up to 3kg of silver bullion per test.

2) Mistakes could have been made throughout the process. Make sure to try again if you don’t get the results you liked, just to confirm the density before moving on.

3) Our densimeter can also be used to test the purity of gold.

4) This service is based on fixed appointments only.


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