SilverMalaysia Team

Jonathan Quek, The Truth Teller
Hi, I am Jonathan Quek. I am an investor, a wealth coach and the author of your all time financial best-seller – ‘Why Gold? Why Silver? Why Now?’ and the Read More
Candice Lee, The Entrepreneur
Managing Partner
Hi, I am Candice Lee! I am the co-founder of Gold Silver Asia (M) Sdn Bhd. “I believe that in the world of entrepreneurship, you don’t need a degree, or Read More
George Wong, The Synergist
Hey there, I’m George Wong. A serial entrepreneur & cycle investor, I’ve had a fulfilling corporate career managing some of the biggest brands in the world and I have a Read More
Tan Kah Ann, The Channel
Business Development Director
I am the go between that channels business and operations; basically I am the river of the company! Flowing from 5 years of experience in various industries predominantly alternative investments Read More
Angie Tan, The Ops!
Operations Manager
I am the miss-do-it-all! Within the humdrum of daily business operations, I get thrills from managing events! I operate by a saying of Warren Buffets “When a management team with Read More
Vince Leong, The Reader!
Vice President
A business man at heart, I am a self-taught person  who takes pride in having learnt the fundamentals of business from my father. I jump started my path to financial Read More
Kai Ying, The Traveler!
Vice President
I graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree majoring in Environmental Science. Well, just like most university graduates who did not stick to the careers that branch from their study anyway, I’d Read More
Teoh Yeong Sheng, The Jumper!
Vice President
My catapult experience! In 2013, I joined as an intern to learn the ropes of being an entrepreneur under Jonathan Quek’s direct supervision. I chose Jonathan because I believe Read More
Marcus Tan, The Forrest Gump!
Vice President
Having felt the pain and bitterness of retrenchment, I am a passionate fan of the famous saying “Momma always said life was like a box of chocolates. You never know Read More